cable winder and clip for Apple earphones

CableGuy is manufactured in tough, lightweight, 3d printed polyamide.

Works with recent, standard iPhone and iPod earphones + connector only, like the ones shipped with the iPhone 4 - as shown in the images.

It is not recommended to use this product with other earphones or connectors, including older Apple earphone models.

For wholesale information, please send a mail to Pascal.

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Many of us are familiar with two little issues related to the earphones we use with our iPhones and iPods. First, what do you do with ‘m when you’re not using them; and second, where do they go when you take out your buds for a few seconds?

CableGuy solves both of these problems for the Apple earphones that our iGadgets come with. The earbuds and plug find a home in the slots in CableGuy, while the cable can be wound neatly (or not so neatly, if you prefer) around it - making cable spaghetti a thing of the past.

But that’s not all. Clip it to your t-shirt, shirt pocket or bag, and CableGuy keeps your earphones from dropping to the floor when you’re on pause, using either the build-in cable clip or the earbud-fitting slots.

“...a clever cable winder for Apple earphones...”

“Michiel Cornelissen, the prolific Dutch designer who gave the world (an) ultra-clever way to wear iPod Shuffle, is up with a slick new gadget for improving iLives everywhere: CableGuy, a clip-on winder designed to stash earbuds hassle-free.”

“Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen has devised a clever way to tame Apple’s ubiquitous earbuds”

“This thing is magical”

nick caruso for beautynewsNYC

“Cableguy is a beautiful solution to organize the cable spaghetti of your beloved in-ear headphones. Everything has its place and looks good on top of it. For 9 euro, a very good solution from Michiel Cornelissen”

“a lightweight polyamide 3d-print keeps your earbuds organized”

“CableGuy is a sensible way to stow your Apple earbuds”

beautiful cable winder and clip for Apple earphones”

“a great accessory for music lovers on the go”

“CableGuy is an inexpensive accessory that stores your iPhone or IPod;s white earbuds while keeping the cables untangled”



from € 12.95

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